Daytrip to the NHS

Hello, and happy weekend

I have been very slack at posting these past weeks, mostly because I have been feeling a little ill. Since last time, we have gone back to London, and got back to uni after a lovely holiday in Norway.

Today I am trying to recover from being unwell, which is a good thing because today is the first day I feel I am starting to get better.

Ever since we got back to London I have been feeling a little unwell, but yesterday it got worse, and half way through my class I felt so ill I left uni and went to the doctors.

For the past two weeks I have been stubborn and insisted that I did not need to get any antibiotics and that my body will fix the bug itself. In my defense that normally does work, but yesterday I had to swallow my pride and admit I needed some assistance in getting better. Off to the hospital I went.

After a good 7 hour wait at the hospital I was finally seen and after another two hours on an IV, it was already midnight and I got to go home!

Waiting in to be seen


Cheeky little selfie in the bathroom haha

I was so happy when I was on my way home, because sitting there for so long was not pleasant when feeling sick. Having said that I felt very lucky that I was able to go and get medicine at all, a little wait is a small price to pay for that. Besides they have a coffee machine in the waiting room so that makes it much better to sit and wait.

Greg came to pick me up and we went home and ate some good food and watched friends.

Today I am feeling much better, so the trip to the NHS was defiantly worth it and now I am looking forward to finally feeling well again and hopefully enjoy what is left of the weekend!

I hope everyone is having a great Saturday!

– Camilla

Oslo Baby!

Hello again from Oslo!


What a cold few days! Greg and I have been exploring Oslo for the past two days and how cold it has been! Yesterday was -13 celsius and we were absolutely freezing!

I had of course left my warm down jacket back in Kristiansand when I was home for Christmas because I hadn’t thought of that we would be in Oslo before coming back home. And I definitely was not prepared for it to be so cold! On top of that I had forgot to pack both gloves and a hat. The first day, before buying a new pair of gloves I nearly thought I would lose my hands it was so cold!

Apart from the biting cold it was a very nice couple of days though. Oslo is such a nice city, and when coming form London, it is refreshingly easy to move around in – being much smaller than London you can easily walk around to see everything without relying on transportation.

One if the places we went to see was Vigelandsparken. This is a park full of naked statues and is very famous in Norway. The most famous statue is situated in the middle of the park and is called ‘Monolitten’. This is a very tall staute of naked people in different positions.
Because it was so freezing we rushed through the park as the cold was painfully biting, but the upside to it being so cold was that we had the park almost to ourselves.IMG_1076IMG_1082IMG_108112511680_10153234369607097_475982412_n12506583_10153234369482097_296957794_n12511873_10153234369622097_606982170_n12511724_10153234369562097_1101214028_n

After Vigelandsparken, we walked around Oslo. We went to wave to the king at the Castle (slottet) we saw the parliament, the opera and the city fort. Here are some photos:


We got a hotel for the time, and it was lovely to have some time for just the two of us. Not to mention there is nothing better than a hotel breakfast in the morning.

Now we have made our way south in Norway and are at my mums house, so nice to be back home and to so much snow!
Time for bed now, will speak tomorrow.

Have a good night,

– Camilla


Sleepless in Oslo

Hello from Oslo!

We have been quite busy the last few days, and now it is time for a small holiday in Norway with my family and friends.

We got on the flight to Oslo 7 in the morning from Gatwick airport and we are staying in a hotel in Oslo tonight before taking the train down south tomorrow.
The plan was for us to explore Oslo in the daytime after checking in, and take it easy tomorrow before we travel, but we were both exhausted by the time we got here and we ended up sleeping all day. I was especially tired as I have not been able to get any sleep at all the last two days. I guess setting up our life and looking for a place to live, as fun as it is also stressed me out a little to much and ended up taking my sleep away. But that is fine, we got a lot of rest today, and we will do our exploring tomorrow!IMG_1055

In the evening we had dinner with one of my best friend that also lives in Oslo. It was so good to see her again, and catch up and nice that she could meet Greg for the first time! Oslo is such a nice city and it was nice to get a little glims of it today after all.


After dinner we just had a quiet night in, Greg is asleep now, but I cant get to sleep after our long nap in the day, so I am sitting up at night blogging, whilst Greg is in dreamland next to me.

I hope everyone has a great night and we will speak again tomorrow.

– Camilla

Walking in the Winter Wonderland!

Good evening everyone! I hope everyone has had a great Sunday and is ready for a new week tomorrow.

We have had a great Sunday! We had a bit of a slow start though. We had planned to get up early and explore some of London, but because Greg has been quite jet lagged and I was full of excitement we where up all night last night and did not fall asleep until early this morning. So today we slept in so late we barely got any sunlight and wasted quite a lot of the day. But oh well, we can make up for it tomorrow.

Every Christmas in London they put up  a Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park and since today is the last day it is open, we decided to go check it out. We had to get out of my room and stretch our legs after a whole day inside anyway, and the Winter Wonderland was perfect for that! I have never been there before, and being there today I could defiantly see why it is so popular. There was so much to look at, so many rides and lights and many stalls selling food, drinks and having games where you can win prizes. I tried winning a teddy by shooting at a target, but I missing every time. There was even a concert inside and so many people watching.

Here are some pictures from our day at the Winter Wonderland



After walking around the Winter Wonderland for a couple of hours, we walked up to Piccadilly Circus and Leicester Square so Greg could see some of London. He really liked all the lights and buildings, although the cold was a bit much more both of us (you wouldn’t think really because I am from Norway but it still was).


Now we have settled in at home, we bought some galaxy chocolate bars on our way home and I have convinced Greg to watch Hereafter with me. We have to enjoy ourselves a little bit even if it is a new year and new resolutions. After all it is Sunday.

I hope everyone has a good night, speak tomorrow!

– Camilla

The day is finally here!

Good evening! I have just come home with Greg after picking him up at Heathrow airport. I cannot believe that he is finally here!

The funny thing it that it is exactly one year ago, I stood in that same terminal, getting ready to board my flight to Uganda, and had no idea that I would meet him there as another volunteer and fall in love.


We met when we were both volunteering in Uganda, where we worked at the same project, in a small village. I mostly worked in the orphanage and the health clinic connected to the project, and Greg did teaching and construction. Since then Greg has stayed with me in Norway and I have stayed with him in New Zealand.

Waiting for him in the arrivals gate at Heathrow today felt so special. So much has happened in a year and my life is very different now from what it was a year ago.

Life can be full of surprises, and now the new year can  begin.

Have a good night,

– Camilla

A New Year, a new beginning

Happy new year from London! And welcome to my blog! Although today is the second of January and not the first, I am saying happy new year today as my 2016 starts today! Firstly because after a great New Year’s Eve party with work, yesterday I was not exactly feeling ready to embrace the new year. But mostly because tonight I pick up my boyfriend Greg from Heathrow airport and we are starting our new life together. Greg is from New Zealand, and after being together for one year doing long distance and visiting each other, we are finally going to be living together and having a life together.

I will be blogging about our journey together from here, finding a home and getting settled.

As it is the start of a new year, I have of course made a list of New Year’s resolutions and this year I will work my best to follow them, and keep you in the loop as I do!new year resolution

Some might be more within reach than others, but it is a new year and a new fresh start and anything can happen!

I hope you will enjoy following my journey as I stive to become a better version of my self!

What are your resolutions?

– Camilla