New Week, Time to Take Action

New week new beginning!

For the past few weeks I have been too slack and unmotivated and not really getting stuff done. I have slept in late when every I can, I am quite sure that I have been eating chocolate for the past 14 days straight and I have forgotten what a gym is.

I can defiantly tell that it is affecting me. My skin is suffering and I feel like I have less energy and worse mood.

But that ends this week!

I really have to get out of this routine of that now, and bring productive and healthy routines back.

Since today is a new week, I have made up my mind to start today, set goals for the week and follow them!

My goals this week is the following:

1) No sweets on weekdays

2) Eat propper meals with nutrients

3) Drink enough water

4) Get a good sleep routine, go to bed reasonably early and get up early

5) Be as productive as I can everyday

6) Work out 4-5 times


Most of today has been spent at uni and I stayed reasonably healthy so so far so good!

I am excited to update you, and hopefully to have a great week!

I hope you also get a great week and that you have had a good start to the week today.

– Camilla


A beautiful place

Good morning!

I have been away for some time now after I had to go to Norway for a funeral. It is safe to say my goal to blog everyday has gone down the drain, but now that I am back in London and a new week is beginning I will be much better!


Last week we had to go to Norway for the funeral of a close family member to me.
It was a sad week, loosing someone you love is hard no matter how old they are or how much you have tried to prepare for it.

As my family is originally from the West in Norway, it became a week with a lot of travel. From where I landed in the south it is about a seven hour drive to the part of the West where my family is and then a few days after it was a seven hours drive back down before flying again back to London. The landscape on the trip is beautiful though, and we were so lucky to have beautiful weather in the West.

Here is some pictures from our week:

The view from the church in the West part of Norway. What a beautiful place to be laid to rest.


Pictures taken in the West part of Norway
The long drive south
Greg at my mum’s house
Someone tired from all the travel


That is the update for the past week!

I hope everyone will have a great Sunday! I am on my way out the door now to enjoy my last day of the weekend, which I will update on later today! How are you spending your Sunday?

– Camilla