Couples time in Richmond Park

Hi dear reader! I hope you have had a  great weekend and a nice start to the week!

This weekend went by so quickly for us, I wasn’t prepared for Monday to come at all today.

Sunday we had such a nice day. Since the weather here in London was so beautiful, Greg and I decided to go explore Richmond Park; the largest of the seven royal parks in London.


The park was huge and absolutely beautiful.
We went hiking all over it, and along the way saw about a hundred dears, walking around in packs. Greg was fascinated and went to take photos and have a look. Me, being much more the scared one in the relationship, kept my distance and wasn’t able to get to close to them although I must admit they where beautiful.

As Greg and I have had a lot to do during the past few weeks, him with work and I have been busy with assignments for uni that was due last week, we have not had that much time for our selves. It was great to have  a day out with each other just enjoying the blue sky, the lovely nature and each others company.

20160313_15523320160313_144824This is one of my favorite things about hikes and walks, that you a lot of time just enjoying the company of who you are with and what is around you, without any distractions like tv or computers.

So nice to get some quality time together with this amazing man 



Richmond Park, the largest of the seven royal parks



Going to Richmond Park we got of at Richmond station and that was actually the first time I have been in South London since I moved to London in 2013! I was so surprised of how nice it was there! For some reason I had always had an image in my head of South London being much worse than the North

, probably since I haven’t really explored it. From what I could see on the train journey and the walk from the station to the park though it seemed lovely. So much in fact that we are thinking to possibly add South London of potential places to look for a flat in. Obviously Richmond might be a bit to pricey, but possibly other areas of South London!

After spending the whole day in the park it was such a good feeling coming home, that feeling when you are really tired in your feet, a little cold and exhausted but knowing it is from a great day outdoors. We both agreed that we will have to start doing this on weekends, maby next time we will bring some lunch and hot chocolate and have a picnic.

This is just one of many ways one can spend a day off in London. The city is so diverse and whatever you are in the mood for there is always something to do, that is one of the things we love about London.

How was you weekend?

– Camilla



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