House Hunting in London

Good morning beautiful people!

I hope everyone has had a great start to the week, I cant believe we are half way through already! I can barely remember how some of my days have been, I still feel like it is Monday because the last few days I have been so busy and the days have just flown by.

Greg and I have now officially started our house hunting! We had our first viewing yesterday and we have a few lined up for the next couple of days. I find it quite stressfull to go on them I must admit, I could especially tell yesterday. I think it is the anticipation and the not knowing that I am not just that great of dealing with.


Yesterday we viewed such a nice place in Lewisham in South London. I had promised myself I would not get my hopes up, but when we saw the place and how great it was I got such an anxious feeling in my stomach because I wanted it so much but I also knew that they had many viewings and that we would get so lucky to find the perfect fit and get it on our first try was just to good to be true! Plus knowing all that needs to go well with the contract signing and reference checks etc, is really so nerve wrecking!
I just have to except that a lot of this month will have to be that way and try to keep my head cool.

We are still waiting to see what happens with the flat we saw yesterday, but I am preparing myself for a disappointment as I know it is in high demand and we will probably be looking for a while before getting a place. Having said that though, I am not the best person to manage my expectations and often I can get ahead of myself. Last night after promising Greg that I would not get my hopes up I planned where in the flat we saw I would place the furniture if we got it and started looking up both banks and doctors surgeries in the area – properly planning my life there already well knowing that there is a good chance we would not get it. Oh well..

After the viewing yesterday we went and got a Burger King Meal on our way home and then some ice cream. I told Greg I needed it to calm down, not sure if it worked but.. There is a chance I could get very fat by the end of this month if it continues but oh well oh well..


Anyone else in the same situation? How do you cope with it and keep your self calm?
I could not sleep at all last night, just lying in bed hoping and stressing out about this place we saw and just wishing I could forward time to when we are moved in someplace! Hopefully it will be somewhere great, that we feel is a place we can make our own, build happy memories and feel properly at home in.

– Camilla



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