I’m Back!

Hi guys!

It has been a long time now since “we last spoke” or more to the point – since I last wrote.

Since last time much has changed – I have just turned 27, I have finished my BA at uni and I am now working full time. I am now trying to figure out what I want to do next, should I do a masters, should I find a permanent job and start my career or do I want to do something entirely different? I am actually not sure yet, but the clock is ticking and I am working on finding these things out now as time is almost up to make a decision.

I will not bore you in filling you in on every little detail of my life that has happened, besides the above covers the most important bits.

I am currently sitting at Oslo airport waiting for an early flight. Greg and I are going to Greece with my mother in the morning and I am so excited! My mum and I are flying out of Oslo, and Greg from London and we are meeting at the airport there. Greg couldn’t join me to Norway this time because of his work commitments and therefore we ended up flying out of different places. Like I said, I am so excited!
I have been working so many hours lately and I cannot remember my last day of from work so I feel that this holiday is much needed. I am so happy that I get to finally spend some time with Greg and that I also get to be with my mum who I haven’t seen in a really long time.

When I have been working lots lately I haven’t really got a chance to sit down, plan and map out what I want to do, so I will also spend the holiday doing that. Simply to collect myself and my thoughts a little bit. And eat! I cant wait to go out and eat some proper meals and being waited on a little bit for a change, it is much needed.


And of course, last but not least to be on the beach enjoying the Mediterranean sun and go for a swim in the sea. How wonderful it will be!

I am also so happy to be back blogging, and I plan to keep you updated throughout the holiday and get back in my bloggers head.

I update you tomorrow, but before all that I have a long night at the airport to get through.

Night night guys

– Camilla

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