Back Online!

Good morning and happy weekend!

I have been gone from the blog from a long time now, but now I have a huge desire to get back at it and join the online world again! I feel that I suddenly dropped of the radar – not only of the blog but also from social media.
However I did not drop of the face of the earth!


A LOT has changed since my last blog post. I have finished my degree in Politics and International Relations at University of East London and I have now started my masters in Psychology at Middlesex University. And through that change not only have my field of study changed but my future career road is looking completely different than what it did before. I could not be happier though and I feel that I found a field and a road that is more suited to me, my experience and my interests.

I have yet to manage my diet completely and living healthily, HOWEVER I have quit smoking! Yaaay! I have since may been smoke free and I feel very confident that I will remain smoke free. I wish I was reporting that I am currently living this super health lifestyle that I strive to live by but food-wise I am not really quite there. I am working on it though, because I have such a wish and need to feel healthy and manage to stay away from unhealthy foods. But as one thing at the time.

During the summer Greg and I went to Greece and Prague and the rest of the summer we both worked. A lot. I think I averaged 57 hours a week at the restaurant. In other words, other than our trips I had absolutely no life.

I am at the moment still working at the restaurant but because I am a full time student only 20 hours a week during term time. So I have a life again.

And I am still living at the same place with Greg. This week we have one extra person in the house, because my mum is visiting fromĀ  Norway. She came over for my graduation and stayed for a week. It is great not only because I get to see her, but also because she likes to cook for us, clean for us and help with everything around the house. Basically we have had a vacation this week – from all duties in the home.

That was a little update from me to say, hi, hello I am back and update you on my life!

Have an amazing day and weekend!

– Camilla