It’s been a while


It’s been a while since I have been blogging, I have had a little break from social media but I am back online now and eager to start blogging again.

Last you heard from me I was in New Zealand where I was spending Christmas with Greg and his family, about to go back to London. Well, things didn’t exactly go according to plan, not in the least.

After saying goodbye to Greg’s family and heading to the airport accompanied with Greg and his mum I was turned away at check in. The reason? My ticket home was not valid and I was turned away. It is a long story but in short I had to change my ticket going to New Zealand because I was sick before leaving and had to travel a week later than expected. This affected my return ticket something I had not realised until standing there at Auckland airport watching my flight take of without me and no flight ticket to take me home. Incredibly stupid on my part, I know but that’s what happened.

So we went back home to Greg’s parents where I had to buy a whole new ticket home at last minute price during the Christmas season for a week later. With that all my savings that I had saved up to take a few months off work whilst looking for something new and then some went to that one flight ticket home. The good thing though was that I was on holiday visiting Greg’s parents so I had a place to stay and didn’t have to pay for a hotel. Not only that but Greg’s parents is incredibly kind and was so nice and supportive about the whole thing, it really made it a lot easier. And I got some more time with them in beautiful New Zealand which was wonderful, even as I was stressing about my return flight and crumbling economic state.

Needless to say when I came home a week later I was broke, in debt actually and incredibly stressed. I had no time to waste and started working at a bar in Soho just a few days after coming home to start making back the money. My original plan was to focus on uni and my health and look for a job in my field but well, that was no longer an option.

Working at the bar was fun and although I was constantly tired I met some really nice people and enjoyed my work there. Working in central London was really fun because you would meet so many fun people and occasionally the odd celebrity would stop by and that’s always fun.

I just finished up at the bar and started working as a support worker. So far I am really enjoying it, although it is only my first week so time will tell but I am feeling really optimistic. I changed jobs because I wanted a job working with people, something I did years ago and really liked. I was also struggling to get by on the money I made working at the bar. The travel time to work would be long, especially coming back at night and I would be home late in the night, when I wanted to start a routine of going to bed early and waking up early. Now it takes me 40 minutes to walk to work, 20 if I take the bus and my shifts finish at 10pm at the latest if I do an evening one so it makes it easier for me to get in a bed time routine. Don’t get me wrong, I had a blast at the bar and I already miss it. It is just that this makes more sense where I am now, not to mention that working as a support worker is something that I planned to do since before Christmas.

Other than that not much has changed. Greg and I are still living in our apartment, I am still trying to get started on healthy eating and keeping fit.

So that’s me and whats been going on with me. Just thought I would start with a little update.

See you tomorrow!

– Camilla xxx