May Resolutions

It is now Tuesday evening, and I am writing my first post in over a year.

Over the past year not much has changed apart from been working heaps and just trying to stay on track in life. You all know what its like. The weeks has just seemed to rush past me and before I know it the seasons has changed and even little things that I was going to get done in a day or a week is suddenly not really done in a year!

At the beginning of this year I said to myself that I wanted to eat better and be healthier, be more social with friends and find a job that is relevant to my degree. Well, so far I don’t have any impressive results to show anyone. I pushed things to the next day and next day and time did this trick on me where it somehow fast-forwarded to may.. MAY! However, I am refusing to keep this bad record and from now on I will be following my plan in all areas that I can and to keep myself accountable I will be updating my progress here. Nothing like the threat of public humiliation (from my 2 followers haha) to keep a girl to her goals so keep up!

Other than that life is more of less the same as before and going really well. I am still living with Greg and loving my relationship with him. I don’t want to jinx myself but I have to say that I have never felt closer to him or felt that we are doing better than now and I feel really blessed in that. I do like my job that I have now, it is close so I can walk there and I like the job itself. The reason that I am wanting to get a new job is only because my job that I have now is as a support worker for people with disabilities and I have been doing this type of work since I was 19 years old and my degree is in a completely different field. I want to find a job that I can grow and that is related to my degree. Anyway for now I am happy at work, which may actually be the problem because I am so comfortable it is not making me feel any urgency to go and find something else.

I don’t think that there is much new to report! I am currently sitting here eating Cadbury chocolate and Doritos because tomorrow I am starting my diet! I am excited to start blogging again and dscf1601I will update with my results on Friday, Wish me luck!

Cam xxx