New Years in Pictures


Happy New Year!

Greg and I are spending the begining of the new year on the bus to Stavanger, where he is flying from.

In the meantime I wanted to stop by here and wish you all a Happy New Year!

Here are some pictures from our New Years Eve with the family last night.

Day time TV watching and Snack Eating – the perfect last day to the year20161228_134034
Markens gate – The main street in my home town Kristiansand
Fire work shopping
Risgrøt for lunch


The King’s speech on TV


Have a great day everyone!

– Camilla

Date Night in Soho


Good evening!

After a day of some studying and some TV watching, I met Greg after he finished work for a date night in the city.

Because I dont have any lectures on Fridays and this is the first week back at uni, I allowed myself to a bit of a relaxed day. After a couple hours of light studying, I spent the day with some day time TV watching whilst I made a slightly unhealthy but delicious lunch.

A few days ago Greg suggested that we should go to Soho after work today and eat dinner out. It has been a while since I have gone out on a date with Greg, as I said in my previous post I have been in a mode lately where I have wanted to stay in an just relax most days. But as I am changing that now, we went out and I had such a nice time!

We met up in Piccadilly Circus and walked to this Greg restaurant that makes pizza and pasta. You simply order by the counter and chooses your choice, which they heat up and you bring to your seat.
It is like a canteen theme, only the food was so good and it looks like a restaurant with really nice interior.

After dinner we walked down Oxford Street and looked in a few shops before heading to Trafalgar Square for a look around.
When Greg first moved to London Trafalgar Square was one of the first places I took him to and it is one of his favorite places in London.
It is quite nice, it is lively yet it has far fewer people than busy places like Oxford Street and Piccadilly Circus.

Now I super full after dinner and then snacks that we had after coming home. Greg is sound asleep but I am still wide awake – snoozing half the morning today was probably not the greatest idea.

I am so excited for the weekend now. I haven’t made any plans yet, because I thought I was going to work this weekend but it turns out that I have this weekend of!
I probably will do a bit of exercise, a bit of study and the rest just do what I want. Unless we decide to go out and see something.

I wish you all a great weekend and hope you will enjoy it!

Talk to you tomorrow!

– Camilla

Packing for Greece!

Good evening!

Tomorrow is Friday and I will finally be of for my holiday!
After work I am going straight to Gatwick airport to fly to Norway where our plane to Greece leaves the next morning.

I am now home trying to pack, while taking breaks to watch The Big Bang Theory.


I was on a really good roll, until when I emptied out my suitcase and found a big spider in there. I have a huge phobia for spiders and there is no way I can continue getting the suitcase ready after seeing that beast in there! So the packing will go on after Greg has come home and got rid of the spider. Hope he wont be too late..

I am so ready for a holiday!
My bad neck that started almost two weeks ago has continued until now and spread to my back and shoulders.
I have not been able to sleep well either as laying my head down hurts my neck and I have kept waking up because my neck tuggs in the middle of the night.
To make it even worse I tripped and fell over on the way to work on Tuesday, something that only I could manage to do. Guess at 26 years old I am STILL tripping over on my own feet.
So now my knees and arms are all scratched up and achy, not to mention that the fall did not exactly do wonders for my neck!

Because I have been so busy I havent got a chance to collect myself and given my body the rest to heal, I think that is why it still has not gotten better. Work has been so busy, that even on the worst day, calling in sick or taking it easy at work has not been an option.


I do belive though that two weeks with relaxation, warmth and swimming will fix my body right up.
I am hoping to be fine within the first few days, and if I take it easy and listen to my body I think that is reasonable to believe that I will be.

Well, I better wash up a little bit before Greg gets home and then finish packing.

Talk to you later!

– Camilla

July – hopes and goals

July is here!

I cant believe we are in the 7th month of the year already!

After having reflected on June last night, I am now thinking forward to July.
On my walk to work this morning I started planning the coming month. I think that thinking back to what went right and what went wrong last month, I got in a space where I want to keep improving month by month.


This is a big month for myself and Greg too. I have to sort out everything for the next year of uni, I have a lot of training to pass for work and most importantly, Greg and I have to find our apartment this month, sooner rather than later as we must have moved in somewhere by the 5th of August. So pressure is ON!
That of course also means that we both have to save most of our income, as getting a place becomes very expensive with rent in advance, agency fees and deposits.

Here are my 5 goals and hopes for July:

Finding an apartment:
This is the number one priority. Most of what I do this month will be in order to work towards getting a place, we are in a bit of a time crunch, BUT we will do it! And of course keep you updated on our way there!

Saving money and reducing spending.. ..Like a lot!
As I said above, finding a place is expensive and this month we will need to pay rent where we live, pay rent where we will be going and put down a deposit. So a lot of budget dinners, less Costa coffees and I will be trying to use less public transport and walk where I can. On the positive side, you might have fun watching me trying to live of more or less nothing.. Good budget tips coming up this month!

Eating healthy and cutting down on sugar:
I terrible when it comes to watching what I eat and I defiantly eat far too much sugar. This last month when I watched it more and was living on better food I could absolutely tell how much better I felt. Last night after writing about how good I have been on watching the sugar and what food and drinks I have, I broke my diet and had so much chocolate and sweets (and right after I said I have been so good arg) and I started feeling really sick and tired. That in it self should be enough motivation to keep me on the good path this month. If not that, the fact that I am saving and probably cannot afford to buy too much sugar and fast food should do the trick. There is an upside to everything right?

Staying active:
I have a goal in my head that I will run everyday and walk and run both ways to work on days that I am working. I dont know yet if it is doable, especially since each way to work is a two hour walk and we do 12 hour shifts where we are basically on our feet constantly, but I will try and see. If that is not doable, I will want to t least run 4 days a week and walk at least one way to work. And again, it saves money too right?

Avoid complaining and do what I can for others:
Lately I become such a negative Nelly and I complain to Greg about all my worries and always tell him whatever negative has happened to me that day. And on so many days I focus on the negative. I dont want to be like that! I used to be very positive but lately I have not really been. So I will focus on what is good instead. And both at work and in any encounter I have with people in my personal life, I will do my best to be a positive contribution and not bother to go out of my way to help people. We should all do that, but sometimes I get so caught up in my own things that I forget all the stuff I could do for others, even without too much effort sometimes. We are nothing without each other so we really must treat each other as best as we can.

Now my break at work is nearly over and I better get back.

I would love to hear some of your goals for July, I do need the inspiration.

Have a great day!

– Camilla


June Come and Gone

As we are in the last few hours of this day, we are leaving June behind and welcoming July. It is so strange to think that the first summer month is already over. Time really goes by so quickly, it feels as if we just started the year and here we are, already half way through it! Where does the time go? I guess it is a good sign though, it is said that time flies by when we have fun, so I am thinking that I must have a lot of fun. Or perhaps I am just too busy. I would say that it is probably a bit of both.

Now that June has come and gone I want to take the last hours of it to reflect back on the month and how it has been for me. I always enjoy reading these summaries on other blogs, so now I will make one here, of my own highlights of the month.

Best thing about this month: 
The best thing about June for me must have been that I have finally started (although slowly) to get in a healthy routine of exercise and eating. I have cut down a lot on sugar and started running in the park on my days of from work. On the days I have work I have walked at least one way to or from which is about two hours.
I can defiantly tell the difference just by having started, maybe not so much in the mirror, but I feel much happier and I have much more energy than before. I dont feel sick as much and in general I just feel much better than in the months before.


Worst thing that happened this month:
The real downer about this month for me personally was the result of the EU referendum. I have written a post about this a few days ago. Of course we dont know what exactly what will happen in the time coming with this, and what the future will look like, but for me who is here as a Norwegian it has caused a bit of stress and worrying about my future and it has of course been on my mind a lot since Friday.

Surprise of the month:
I PASSED MY EXAMS!!!! You really should have seen my face when I found out I had passed. As a serious student I probably should not reveal that it came as a surprise but I had in planted in my head that I would fail and had prepared myself for re-sits for about a month when I found out, phhhht thank god!

Book of the month:
“The Blue Between Sky and Water”
This book made my week a little while ago and really got me excited for adventure and wishing to be able to make a difference. It is written by Susan Abulhawa, the autor of “Mornings in Jenin”. I will write a review on it with more detail soon, but if you are looking for a good book to read, buy this one!

With work and no social life this month that was all of my summary. But although it has not been a month with much to say, it has been a great month, spent between work and with my wonderful man. I could not ask for much more.

Now it is time to look forward and make the most out of July. I hope everyone has had a wonderful June and wishing you all the best for July.

– Camilla


When nothing feels right


To be honest, the last month has not been going so well. More or less since we came back from our weekend in Stoke-On-Trent I have been feeling very down, both low energy and low mood.

I think the combination of exam stress, work stress and our living situation and the uncertainty around it all is a major factor to these feelings.

It is crunch time for my exams now, the first two are already on Monday and Tuesday, I should be more or less done with my revision by now, but yet I am not. Not even close. A few days of those set aside to prep for exams I haven’t even gotten out of the house nor been able to sit down and focus, and the days where I have sat down and worked for hour, I haven’t been able to focus at all, making the prep totally worthless.

Suddenly, I have found my self without will, motivation, energy nor focus.

I think also the uncertainty of what I will spend my summer doing and how much work I will have, at the same time as Greg and I living in a tiny room we rent, while waiting to move out to our own apartment is at times a stressfull situation. I think simply I got overwhelmed all of a sudden, and I have felt unable to take much action or reach for new things as a result of that.

The bad thing about getting in a mood like that, is that naturally whilst feeling down and overwhelmed, one often feel less like being among others and going out socializing and more like staying inside your own comfort zone and take it easy. Although that might feel good at the time, I find that the more time I spend by my self in a low mood, the less I feel like going out,and suddenly I have isolated myself, feeling even lower.

Currently I am spending my Saturday night at the uni library, desperately trying to redeem myself to manage a good grade. As I tried to focus more and more these thoughts came up about how the last month has been and how I just lost focus so completely. Perhaps a small depression hit me out of nowhere, or perhaps stress and anxiety around it all threw me for a bit. I am not sure the reason, but I am sure of one thing.

This is not how I will spend my summer, and if I can help it it wont deprive me of succeeding in my exams. I have not worked hard all year to have it taken away at the last moment.

Only I can pull myself out of this temporarily hole and I will. I hope that it is not too late for my exam prep but I will from now until my exams do the best I can for it not to be. I still have time and I will use it. That is all I can do right now, the rest I will start working on after Tuesday. Then I have some time to prepare a lot before the next exam, at the same time plan out my summer and work plans, get back in a healthy food and work out regime and spend some quality time with friends and boyfriend.

The next few months will be great, I have just decided that they will be!

This was just some thoughts I needed to get down on paper so I can again focus on the work I am here to do. Has anyone else experiences with these troubles?

Hopefully in a few days there will be a much happier girl writing here to you! Have a great Saturday evening!

– Camilla

Bad Start to The Weekend


The weekend is here!! Finally, I should say, but I currently in bed with a terrible back pain, trying to find a position that is good for my back – which I am starting to doubt that exists.

The plan for today was to spend the whole day at the library, finishing of my essay and possibly going for a bit of a work out but it doesn’t look like that is happening yet.

I have been feeling unwell since Thursday, it started with a big headache  but now it seems to be sitting more in the back. If there is one thing I do not have time for now it is to get sick and not be able to do any work.

The next few weeks will be very busy as exams is coming up, essays are due and I will also be having quite a few shifts at work. But that’s ok, it is the same every year and I do like to stay busy. But with everything so close together, I need to really keep focus at what I am doing and my time management.

I guess most other students are in the same boat as me this time of year. Which is fine except for days like today when I loose time that I dont really feel I can afford.

Thankfully Greg has gone to the pharmacy now to see if they have something to help, whilst I am in bed with the dog next to me, trying to get better. Hopefully I will be today and still get something out of the day!

I will update again when I am better and have more interesting things to write about than to be unwell.

– Camilla


Easy made Salmon – A Simple, Healthy and Tasty Meal

Last night I made salmon for Greg for the first time, and thankfully it was a success!20160317_190635

I get so tired of always making meat or chicken for dinner, but standing at the supermarket out of ideas of what to make that is always what I end up getting.

Living in England I often miss Norwegian food. Many of the dishes we have every week is hard to get here, at least if you don’t want to make it from the very beginning. Salmon is a dish we have in my home in Norway at least once a week, so I thought I would give it a go here in London and it went great!
I am quite plain in my food preferences therefore I made the fish very simple, and not with any fancy exotic side dishes or extra taste added to it. Maby next time I will try it that way, but for now I believe that salmon it is best to be made simple at let the taste of the fish speak for itself.

I might be bias, but if you are getting salmon from the store, try to get one that is farmed in Norway. Norwegian farmed salmon is known to be the best salmon you can get, and I absolutely agree with that. But of course, I am grown up with that type of fish so – like I said I could be bias. Try it and see you your self!

Anyway, this is the ingredients and approach to cooking I used yesterday:


(for two people)
2 fillets of salmon
2 big potatoes
1/3 of a broccoli
3 carrots
300 dl of milk
1 hollandaise sauce sachet
1 table spoon of herbal mixture
1 table spoon of salt
1 table spoon of oil

cooking it:

  1. Preheat oven to 180 degrees.
  2.  Put some aluminum foil in a roasting pan. Put the oil in the pan and spread it out using your hands. Then place the fillets in the pan. Put the non – skin side down first, getting some of the oil on it and then place it with the skin- side down in the pan. Drizzle salt and herbs over the fish and cook it in the oven for approximately 35 minutes.
  3. Place the potatoes, carrots and broccoli in a pot with water an a little salt, making sure the water covers what is inside. Let it cook for 15 – 20 minutes. When you can easily stick a fork to the middle of the potatoes, they are done. I normally peal the carrots before cooking them, but I leave the skin of the potatoes on. This is because I personally like the skin of it and because it is supposed to be good for you.
  4. Put the milk in a pan with the sachet for the hollandaise sauce. Let it heat up as you stir it and then let it boil for 5 – 10 minutes while you stir.
  5.   Now the fish, potatoes, vegetables and sauce should be ready – enjoy!


I was so happy yesterday, because it turned out so nice! Greg even said it was the best salmon he had ever had! Next time I might try to spice it up a little, just to try a different type, perhaps with pesto.

Now I have to go figure out what to have for dinner today. I hope everyone i having a great Friday and will enjoy the weekend!

– Camilla



Morning in Seven Sisters

Good morning!

What a nice morning we have here in London! The sun is shining, it is relatively warm and not a cloud in the sky!

I have been out running errands and getting my blood test done this morning. I was out the door even before Greg something which is a rarity for me, as I had a whole lot to get done today.
I had the worst sleep last night and becuse I dont have uni until 1 pm today I wanted so badly to stay late in bed and catch up on my sleep, but this whole week there has been so many things I have put of that I wanted to get done before the weekend. So I figured this morning, that there is no time like the present. Besides, I am much more likely to get a good night sleep tonight knowing I have gotten things done.

So I hopped on the tube at 7 am and started my day. I had to go to Seven Sisters in North London.Seven Sisters is in South Tottenham, an area I used to live in for a year with my friends a little more that a year ago.
Walking around there made me realize that I actually miss living there quite a lot. I am not sure if it it the area I miss or the time that I was there, the housemates and the friends but I felt quite nostalgic being there again.

Tottenham has a bit of a bad reputation, I remember when we used to live there if someone asked me where I lived and when I answered them ‘Tottenham’ they would always shake their heads as they asked me how I liked it, because they already figured it wasn’t nice. I must say that I quite liked it though. The atmosphere was nice, there are many little shops on the main street and I actually think many of the streets do look pretty. It could also be the time I remember fondly more that the area, I am not quite sure. But in my experience I defiantly do not agree with a reputation of it being unpleasant.

Anyways, I managed to find all the places I had to go (much thanks to citymapper) and with the help of a Costa coffee and the great weather I didn’t feel that tired either! If you live in a big city or a city that is on citymapper, I must recommend you to get it, it has saved me from getting lost on so many occasions and helped me find places I need to get to. I have no idea of how I would find my way in the city if I didn’t have it. It is accurate and so easy to use.

Here is some snapshots from today20151202_082142

Seven Sisters

I have managed to loose my camera, so now I have to use the camera on my phone, therefore the quality is not too good. I will go and get another as soon as I get the chance though.

That was my morning I hope everyone has had a great morning as well, hopefully more awake than what I am today!

I am off to uni now, I hope you will have a great day and if you are in London or somewhere else that also has great weather enjoy the nice day!

– Camilla