Preparation for Stoke, Shopping and baking


Now the time is 1 am and I am sitting in the kitchen waiting for my baking to be done in the oven.

As Greg and I are taking the coach up to Stoke-On-Trent tomorrow, I thought I would surprise him by making him his favorite Norwegian “buns” for the road, as well as some fresh bread rolls.

I thought it would take about one hour, so I started about 9.30 in the evening. But I underestimated the time it would take to make two different doughs, raise them and have them bake.


So our planned, lovely evening watching TV and enjoying each others company has turned in to Greg sleeping upstairs,and me having an evening in the kitchen into the long hours of the night. Not that I should be complaining, I have had quite a nice time down here in my own company, working on my baking skills. There is something quite peaceful and therapeutic about baking. It does allow some time alone with your thoughts, plus working on a little “project” is always nice. And now it seems that it was all worth it, because unlike the bread earlier in the week, this batch of baking looks like it is a success! (woohoo)
I do feel a little bad that everytime I try to get together a little nice surprise such as baking or a delicious meal for Greg, I somehow end up turning it into a long ordeal, and taking away from our original plan. I guess time management is an area I should try to improve on.


Before my baking session started today Greg and I went to Westfield here in Stratford to buy what we needed for our trip. I have been missing a backpack and a thermos on our previous excursions (day trips in reality) so I finally got that.

Shopping at Westfield


Greg kept laughing about how proud and satisfied I was with my new shopping, but I find such joy in getting little new things I have been wanting for some time.
Be sure I will show you pictures of it during the trip.

Now I am exhausted from a long day, and we have a bus to catch in the morning, so its time for me to say goodnight and go to bed.

Wishing everyone a good night and a great Easter holiday!

– Camilla


Bread Fiasko

Hello and happy Easter!

I am currently at home, waiting for Greg to come home from his last day at work before the Easter weekend. In Norway holidays have already begun, but here in England only the Friday and Monday are days of for Easter. Tomorrow we are going up to Stoke-On-Trent to visit Greg’s family. Greg has not seen them wince he was a child, so that will be fun!

I am looking forward to getting out of the city especially since this week has been so hectic and a week where everything has just not gone my way.

The biggest fiasko of the week was yesterday when I attempted to make a homemade bread. I was so excited to show of my skills to Greg, and show him what a homemade Norwegian bread is like. I always complain about the bread here and about that I miss my favorite bread from Norway and therefore I thought that I would bake it myself – t should be easy right? Well, it wasn’t..

I followed the recipe and enthusiastically started working on it. I measured up the correct amount of ingredients, made sure it had the right temperature, worked on getting the dough as smooth and lump free as I could. Everything was going perfectly, and I was on top of the world. I felt so clever and creative standing there baking my own bread, I kept thinking of how impressed everyone would be when I sent them snaps of the ready bread and Greg’s face when he would tell me it was the best bread he had ever tasted. Like a propper 50’s housewife.

Well after having it sit for about 7 hours in a bowl for it to rise, it was time to bake it in the evening. I preheated the oven and put the bread in for 45 minutes. When checking on it when it was supposed to be ready the middle was still really doughy. I let it stand a little longer and constantly went to check. It wasn’t before two hours later when I realized  I must have made a mistake when it still was nowhere near ready. And that’s when I saw it.. I had put the bread on fan oven and not the normal oven on, so the bread was not getting properly done…. grrr…. As it was by now already after 11 at night I though that I would just have to remove it and hope it wasn’t to doughy..
201511_1355_eceaf_sm….And that’s when I realized the biggest mistake I had done.. I had as a way to save time and the bread pan, put aluminium foil in the bottom and side of the pan to keep it the bread from sticking to the pan. But when I took the bread out the aluminium foil and stuck to the bread and it was nearly impossible to get off. I ended up spending 30 minutes trying to get it of, it wasn’t until I tried to cut myself a piece and realized the bread was far to hard on the outside and doughy on the inside and basically tasted awful that I gave up and had to through the whole thing away! arhhh…20160322_23185020160322_232524Clearly I have my flaws as a baker.. I am getting a second chance today though as I plan on making bread buns for our trip tomorrow. Since the bread went so horrible, I thought I would start with buns instead and perhaps eventually graduate to bread if I am successful.

Well, wish me luck!

– Camilla