Sick or Worried?

Good morning guys!


I have had the worst night leading up to today. I was a little short of breath yesterday and just after I went to bed last night it got really bad and I felt really dizzy and very short of breath.
I couldn’t sleep and laying down I felt even worse, so I got up and just sat up in the sofa relaxing.

I thought it could be that I was slight dehydrated so I made sure to get a few bottles of water to drink from which helped a little.


I have so many things going on at the moment and my head is in so many different places right now. I am not fond of change either and with the end of my degree at Uni coming to an end and a new routine about to start when the exams are done is stressing me out. I am not sure why, because I know there is a good chance that much better things are coming after Uni. I am actually excited to see what will happen after Uni and I feel excited by all the opportunities, both with the possibility of going into working and starting my career or doing a post grad. The opportunities are endless and I love it, but at the same time the thought of the unknown is making me feel stresses. Perhaps it is the possibility of failure or something bad happening, I don’t know.

I also know that so much of my future depends on me doing well at Uni for the next few months and also to seek out opportunities outside of Uni now, such as internships, or a job I could enjoy that would be towards what I want to work with in the future. Basically I feel the pressure to stay on top of things much more this semester.

I don’t know if me feeling unwell stems from a bug or just being under the weather, or if it is my subconscious freaking out a little. I am still feeling a little unwell and I think I will take the morning today to relax and recover, and hopefully feel better. I hope I will feel better during the day, so I can get back to work and hopefully relieve some of the pressure or at least not add to it by being taken out of action for some time.

In the early mornings today I started watching an old season of “Keeping up with the Kardashians” and made myself a few cups of tea. It helped a little, I am still feeling a little out of breath and shaky but better than last night. If nothing else, zoning out to a show and enjoying a cup of hot beverage does take your mind of feeling ill.

I wish you all a great day, and hopefully I will be feeling better and have something more fun to report next time!

– Camilla

Sleepless in Oslo

Hello from Oslo!

We have been quite busy the last few days, and now it is time for a small holiday in Norway with my family and friends.

We got on the flight to Oslo 7 in the morning from Gatwick airport and we are staying in a hotel in Oslo tonight before taking the train down south tomorrow.
The plan was for us to explore Oslo in the daytime after checking in, and take it easy tomorrow before we travel, but we were both exhausted by the time we got here and we ended up sleeping all day. I was especially tired as I have not been able to get any sleep at all the last two days. I guess setting up our life and looking for a place to live, as fun as it is also stressed me out a little to much and ended up taking my sleep away. But that is fine, we got a lot of rest today, and we will do our exploring tomorrow!IMG_1055

In the evening we had dinner with one of my best friend that also lives in Oslo. It was so good to see her again, and catch up and nice that she could meet Greg for the first time! Oslo is such a nice city and it was nice to get a little glims of it today after all.


After dinner we just had a quiet night in, Greg is asleep now, but I cant get to sleep after our long nap in the day, so I am sitting up at night blogging, whilst Greg is in dreamland next to me.

I hope everyone has a great night and we will speak again tomorrow.

– Camilla