Morning in Seven Sisters

Good morning!

What a nice morning we have here in London! The sun is shining, it is relatively warm and not a cloud in the sky!

I have been out running errands and getting my blood test done this morning. I was out the door even before Greg something which is a rarity for me, as I had a whole lot to get done today.
I had the worst sleep last night and becuse I dont have uni until 1 pm today I wanted so badly to stay late in bed and catch up on my sleep, but this whole week there has been so many things I have put of that I wanted to get done before the weekend. So I figured this morning, that there is no time like the present. Besides, I am much more likely to get a good night sleep tonight knowing I have gotten things done.

So I hopped on the tube at 7 am and started my day. I had to go to Seven Sisters in North London.Seven Sisters is in South Tottenham, an area I used to live in for a year with my friends a little more that a year ago.
Walking around there made me realize that I actually miss living there quite a lot. I am not sure if it it the area I miss or the time that I was there, the housemates and the friends but I felt quite nostalgic being there again.

Tottenham has a bit of a bad reputation, I remember when we used to live there if someone asked me where I lived and when I answered them ‘Tottenham’ they would always shake their heads as they asked me how I liked it, because they already figured it wasn’t nice. I must say that I quite liked it though. The atmosphere was nice, there are many little shops on the main street and I actually think many of the streets do look pretty. It could also be the time I remember fondly more that the area, I am not quite sure. But in my experience I defiantly do not agree with a reputation of it being unpleasant.

Anyways, I managed to find all the places I had to go (much thanks to citymapper) and with the help of a Costa coffee and the great weather I didn’t feel that tired either! If you live in a big city or a city that is on citymapper, I must recommend you to get it, it has saved me from getting lost on so many occasions and helped me find places I need to get to. I have no idea of how I would find my way in the city if I didn’t have it. It is accurate and so easy to use.

Here is some snapshots from today20151202_082142

Seven Sisters

I have managed to loose my camera, so now I have to use the camera on my phone, therefore the quality is not too good. I will go and get another as soon as I get the chance though.

That was my morning I hope everyone has had a great morning as well, hopefully more awake than what I am today!

I am off to uni now, I hope you will have a great day and if you are in London or somewhere else that also has great weather enjoy the nice day!

– Camilla